HungerU Challenge!

5 questions about hunger issues

Your first question, is: The average person in the United Kingdom spends 9% of their income on groceries. How much does the average person in Haiti spend?
Question 2 of 5, : Where do the largest percentage of the world’s hungriest people live?
South America
Question 3 of 5, : Approximately how many people in the world are hungry?
160 million hungry people
360 million hungry people
550 million hungry people
795 million hungry people
Question 4 of 5, : By 2050 the world’s population is expected to grow by 40% to a projected 9.5 billion people. To feed more people most experts agree we need more food. How much more food will we need to produce than we do today?
10% more food
25% more food
40% more food
60% more food
Final question, is: How much of our food do we waste in the United States every year?

Thanks for taking the HungerU Challenge!

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